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So I did these, cause… people still like ryuuko? These came out pretty wonky tho.

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terra for real, can I just use this as my avi?

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Hey guys, I’ve got some bad news.

My parents found my blog and have requested that I stop making pornography. Due to personal reasons I have to comply. I am currently in the process of removing my submissions and deleting accounts.

This is not a joke.

Within a few hours most of my content…

RIP in pasta peperroni

Also to all the people who are surprised/telling him to ignore his parents I’m 99% sure that most parents who discover their child animating cartoon horses fucking each other would ALSO demand they stop.

Frankly I’m amazed they’re letting him make this post and continue to animate horses at all, tbh.

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Had Five Guys for the first time ever today.  It was pretty good.

Also I finished the picture from yesterday

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I’ll just post the lot of these. Trying to get a feel for how I want to draw Zone-tan. 

She is a mega-pervert so I’m not going to sugarcoat it. I’m most likely exaggerating it a lot! hahaahahaha